Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas is coming .The reality of winter

Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming 
Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming 
Tease the season 
Watch out 
Look around 
Something's coming 
Coming to town (Coming to your town) 
Dooh dooh dooh... 

I think everyone wherever they are in the world knows that the holiday season has started when they see the coca cola christmas truck advert! And hear the lyrics Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming! 

Well although the snow is here and a people do drink coca cola here, a different lorry came into town this Christmas all the ways from Helping hands in Germany. It was laden with food care packages for families here to eat over christmas, clothing, shoes, toys, school supplies and bedding. There was a lot of box moving and sorting but with everyones help and the added help of my visitor Colin McConkey ( you can see the pattern of what happens when people visit) we moved everything into storage ready for 

The reality of winter in this region of Bulgaria is snow that makes the roads dangerous cause there is only one snow plow for the region. Coldness that means you need more logs to put on your fire or more electricity to power your heaters - oh and don't forget the power may cut out so have a thick jumper and blanket handy!

The reality of winter is jobs are scare and so is money, so food care packages are a God sent packed with essentials to feed the family. Earlier in the autumn the Red Cross brought some care packages to the area and helping hands have provided care packages over christmas. In the months after christmas we are hoping to provide some more food care packages and thanks to Bethany Church of the Nazarene we already have enough money for the first 9. Each food package will contain basics for a family to eat. Each food packages which will approximately 50 lev each (£25) they will include: Flour, cheese, sunflower oil, rice, beans, lentils, margarine, sugar, pasta, coffee, wafers for the children. Our aim with this project is to provide 15 a month for the families in the area. If anyone would like to donate to this project please contact me and I will give you details of how you can do this.

The reality of winter is illness and don't I know it! So this is week 3 of being ill thankfully I am starting to feel better. After losing my voice ( you may think this is a blessing!), currently being on my 2nd course of antibiotics and a visit to a sofia hospital for an x-ray and bloods, oh and bruising my leg badly by slipping and falling down a grate! The reality is the whole team has been ill as well as many of the orphans, school children and teachers. Please pray for healing and better health through the rest of the winter.

The reality of winter is also Joy in the children preparing for their christmas plays. Singing, dressing up and being joyful. The next few weeks will see christmas productions at the school, orphanage and at our language school. Thanks to a kind donation from my home church Ashton Church of the Nazarene, riased by teh youth through their cafe melting munch and the NMI, in January the children will begin a cooking class that I hope to help with promoting healthy eating. 

The reality of christmas remains though … 

For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, 
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called 
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a child is born and through compassion and our lives we try to show this as we work here. That God loves everyone and it not conditional on what we do or who we are. God is working in the community, please pray for this to continue.

I can't quite believe I have nearly been in Bulgaria 6 months (at the end of January). Due to various factors I have decided I will go back to the UK at the beginning of March to start my job again at the Christie. I have loved and love Bulgaria and the work here and feel God brought me here but I am also aware of listening to him and his call on my life. And as he called me here, he calls me back. I am quite excited to go back to my job at the Christies which I love and to be back in Manchester and find out what is next.

  • The the reality of winter will not be too harsh.
  • That the team will all be well and generally for health
  • Pray as I go home for Chirstmas and then return to finish before coming back to the Uk to begin again.
  • Pray that people may know that Jesus is the reason for the season.

                                          In and around Pravets

                                                   Sofia sights

Thursday, 25 October 2012


The last few weeks have been hetic and as i look at the date I can hardly believe it will be the end of October next week!
The month started with a visit to Albania to see some much loved friends and visit the Tirana Nazarene church. I love Albania it is such a great place with great friends. I experienced a lovely relaxing picnic and a traditional albania meal. As well as an abundance of greta company and conversation! The only conversation I missed out on was the ones about money which I'm told can only be spoken in albania!! I also managed to stock up on some lovely oat bread to take back to Bulgaria!

Once I was back in Bulgaria after the slightly scary minibus ride!! My parents arrived and we embarked on the free sofia tour with Rossi as our guide. I highly recommend it! Of course cause its free but also because it is so interesting! If you come to visit I will probably take you on it! We also had the priveledge of having all my friends from wycliffe on the tour! These are some great people who I have met here.. who keep me sane!!!

See if you can spot me and my parents. Clue look for a white hat!

After our short visit in Sofia, we proceeded to the first Tamburello Family work and witness! Well we have been in different combinations on work and witness and youth in mission but never has a group been just made up of Tamburello's!! This Family work and witness with out adopted member Missionary Jessica Moris headed to Stubel, north of Sofia and on the outskirts of Montana. Stubel is a place Mum and Dad have been on on work and witness and they saw this very church when it was well more of a shell with no walls. Our task was to paint the back room and tile the bathrooms, oh and of course do some electrical! It was a really good time and we helped bring the church a little bit further on and had great fellowship with the Stubel people! I even got to sleep in a room above the hens!! Hopefully pictures to follow when I get them from Dad! 

After Stubel, came my home and my parents got to experience the 645 bus to Vidrare! They also got to experience the wonders of the Orphanage and were performed to by the children. We also gave them a guided tour of the village and a look at the local school. 

Once my parents had gone it was time for the Mann family party - Pirate and Princes theme! It was great. I'm so glad the Mann's are here i just love their family and everyone had a fantastic time! It was also good to just spend some relaxing time with them and of course watch DVD's with Jonny, sarah and james.

This week has returned to normal schedule (well with a few changes) which involves;
Monday : 645 bus to Vidrare to spend the morning in the orphanage and afternoon in the school.

Tuesday : I unusually had Tuesday off but used it wisely and had lunch with one of the young people, prepared my english lesson and did some shopping.

Wednesday: Etropole - This is where the elderly care home is. It was so nice to see the Baba's (grandma's) again. Please pray that I will be able to go here regularly. I am hoping that i maybe be able to go twice a week. Also pray for the centre cause they are moving to new facilities in the next few weeks.

Thursday: 645 bus to Vidrare. Today I had such a treat we got to be with пет гроуп - group 5! It was great they are my favourite group and were so excited to see us and we sat with them playing and colouring. That was until we were summoned to see some of the children perform some traditional Bulgarian songs in traditional custom, even with traditional dance! We received handmade gifts and all the children in the orphanage got treats! They loved and so did we.

Friday: This is, along with wednesday on a normal week Bulgarian lesson day. BUT this week our teacher is away on a conference so we are taking his english classes. So please pray for me tomorrow as I take my first English conversational class and quiz the Bulgarian teens on britain!! I thought this would be a good conversational topic!

This weekend is the district assembly, so we will all be travelling up to Razgrad in the north west of the country.  Please be in prayer for the Bulgarian district and specifically for Doug and Jen Mann. Also pray for Zhana as she is the first Bulgarian to be ordained.

Thank You so much for taking time to read this update.
Please continue to Pray, below are some specific points.

  • Please pray for continuing funds. I still need money to stay here an entire year. Please contact me on suzy1405@gmail.com if you think you can help.
  • Please pray as I explore using my medical skills more that doors will open.
  • Please pray for wisdom in decision making for me at this time.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Forgotten ones.

How many times have you seen • Images of suffering on your tv screen? • And though you’re moved and it’s heartfelt • In a moment you’ll forget • But everyone can do something • To change a life and make it better • Who will remember? • Who will remember? •Who will remember the forgotten ones? • Every child deserves to laugh • To live without a care, to enjoy their innocence • Every child needs to be held • To know what love is, to be believed in • Everyone can do something • To change a life and make it better • Who will remember... • The words of wisdom stand true today • Love, love and give yourself away • Help the helpless, fill a need • If we remember them, we can set them free • Will you remember? 
Lyrics form The forgotten ones by Lara Martin 

This week I had the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing children. They live in an orphanage in Bulgaria, they are forgotten rejected children. Rejected because they are not perfect. It made me feel so sad that these children had been rejected for thier disabilities. In the UK, their families would look after them and the government would support them so that they lived a full and supported life. It made me remember the amazing families who come in the summer to the new wine camp and bring their loved children to Our Place. 

In Bulgaria it is a burden to have a disabled child and so they go to the local orphanage, the government give under £3000 for each child per year for their upkeep in the orphanage and this include staff wages! We spent some time talking to the director and he told us of an unique situation that one of the orphans was being adopted by an american couple. I asked does this not happen and he said no never. No-one in Bulgaria would adopt these children.

In this burden of sadness I feel I saw this amazing orphanage where the walls are brightly coloured, they have outdoor play equipment and they are loved. We heard how the orphanage had just taken a group of the children and  to the seaside and to a folk dancing festival, where they were the only disabled group. This is an activity they encourage with the children and annually take them to folk festivals where they sing and dance. We even experienced an impromptu dancing session with the children. It was joyful!
The children love for you to hold them, hold your hand or sit next to you! They loved my name was Susanna - another girl at the orphanage is called Susanna! I have tried to learn all their names but its quite impossible but I marvelled at one young man who showed us around the orphanage and told me every child's name!! They care for each other so much and are a community. I think all of us could learn from that.
We spent an afternoon painting the girls nails and they painted ours it was beautiful to see their smiles and how pleased they were to get the attention they deserve.
It was humbling and am humbled to be here.

  • Please Continue to pray for the ministry here. In the next few weeks I am hoping to start work at a family health centre, to be involved in health classes at the school and make regular trips to the elderly care home.
  • Pray that I will continue to settle in and for my language studies.
  • Pray for my house in the UK that it will get rented out very soon. Since this is a worry to me.
  • Pray for our team Zhana, Vera, Alex and myself.
If you would like to write to me here is my address below I would love to hear from you. I am also still fundraising since I do now have all my money yet to stay for a year.

Susanna Mancho
ul. Manjakov kamak #4
Pravets 2161

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Feels like home to me ......

I've arrived! After my balkan adventures through Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, I have now arrived in правец (Pravets), Bulagria my home for the next year. Actually I am not yet in my apartment cause its having some maintenance done but I am settling into Pravets.

The last few weeks have been a great time of renewal and rest, a pause before starting ministry here. I think God had the the idea of me going to Albania before I thought it was a good idea. The time reminded me of my call and also gave me time to reflect and consider. Yes, he does know plans he has for me 
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11 ... my promise verse of all these years. God is so faithful. 
Today I read in my devotions that we are his messengers. That God has picked me to be his messenger. That is pretty humbling but also a challenge to be salt and light. 
Please pray as I start ministering here in Bulgaria I can be the salt and light he wants me to be.

Here a few pictures of beautiful Pravets.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012



Start spreading the news I'm leaving today!
(obviously to music!)
I just can't believe its come around so quickly that I am actually getting on a plane to eastern europe and will be in Bulgaria soon. Obviously in true mission style I am going through 3 eastern european countries first. I am flying to Albania to visit a friend, Sonila who I meet when I was 18 on one of my very first 'task force' mission trips and where I feel in love with Eastern Europe. As well as feeling called to be a medical missionary. I will then join with the Albania and Kosovans on their summer family camp. Then I travel to Kosova with Gillian ( A fab volunteer for northern Ireland) and then head by bus through Macedonia to Bulgaria.  
The last few weeks have been crazy and my constant prayer has been God, I know you have everything under control but if you could speed it up a little. This was my though when my house went on the rental market and in the first week only one person came to see it and now I have tenants going through the application process and moving in soon and of course additional views as a safety net! But you know, God knew it would be easier if I lived in my own house whilst I did the most crazy amount of hours and mixture of days and nights over the past 3 weeks at work. I really will miss Christie Clinic and all the fab people who work there and of course the gorgeous patients who were a little confused about why I would go to Bulgaria but so encourgaing.

I literally sold and handed over yesterday! It was amazing I was getting  a little down and desperate about what I would do with my car and if I would get a good price and God had it in his hands! He knew I would need to make a mad dash to the rubbish tip and to the laundrette to dry my clothes!

I never know why I am surprised at what God does but I do know that he has everything in his hands.
My mum and I used to duet on an Evie song called You have everything in your hands. 
The lyrics says;
You have everything in your hands, you have everything under control. 
Whenever I praise you, I see who you really are.
(I've posted it below for you to listen to)

I Love how God thinks about the little details and he knows everything about us and keeps us safe and leads us on the right path. I think maybe if we knew all he had planed for us we may run but as I start this adventure I just put my life into his hands and say use me, mould me, send me the place you want for me.

Please pray as I go and I will continue to post regular blogs. I am on Facebook and I would love to receive emails, Skype calls or post. (Message me and I will give you my address.)
I am still fundraising so if you feel your able email me and I will give you details of the church account you can donate to. In my next post I will put an up to date fancy pis chart of what I have raised. Hopefully you can now see the last one. (Thanks Jessica for your help).

Thank you for travelling with me.

Evie - 1979 - You have everything in your hands - Jesus i love you - 197...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Fundraising update

As I prepare to go to Bulgaria I have a checklist of things to do. One of the most important things is to have people around me to support me. Most importantly in prayer for the ministry I will be doing but also financially. Now I'm the type of person who finds it hard to ask for the fiver back that I lent someone! Let along ask people if they will sponsor me for this year long trip to Bulgaria. Thankfully people have supported my fundraisers, made donations and generally been very generous. I am doing well but still have quite a bit to raise I need to have half the amount of money to give to be held in the regional account by my departure date ...the 2nd August, 2012. Very fast approaching.

Below is a fancy pie chart of what I have raised so far (blue), pledges people have made which will be paid monthly (yellow) and funds to raised (red).
My total amount I need to raise is £7000. If you feel you could make a one off donation or regular monthly donation please contact me on my email address suzy1405@gmail.com or through Facebook. 

Vera and Alex, two other members of my team are also trying to raise their money to go to Bulgaria and I think we all agree this is the hardest part of our trip. I am ready to go and face the adventure but can't do it without your support. I hope you will pray about supporting me and join with me in this adventure of mission.