Wednesday, 1 August 2012



Start spreading the news I'm leaving today!
(obviously to music!)
I just can't believe its come around so quickly that I am actually getting on a plane to eastern europe and will be in Bulgaria soon. Obviously in true mission style I am going through 3 eastern european countries first. I am flying to Albania to visit a friend, Sonila who I meet when I was 18 on one of my very first 'task force' mission trips and where I feel in love with Eastern Europe. As well as feeling called to be a medical missionary. I will then join with the Albania and Kosovans on their summer family camp. Then I travel to Kosova with Gillian ( A fab volunteer for northern Ireland) and then head by bus through Macedonia to Bulgaria.  
The last few weeks have been crazy and my constant prayer has been God, I know you have everything under control but if you could speed it up a little. This was my though when my house went on the rental market and in the first week only one person came to see it and now I have tenants going through the application process and moving in soon and of course additional views as a safety net! But you know, God knew it would be easier if I lived in my own house whilst I did the most crazy amount of hours and mixture of days and nights over the past 3 weeks at work. I really will miss Christie Clinic and all the fab people who work there and of course the gorgeous patients who were a little confused about why I would go to Bulgaria but so encourgaing.

I literally sold and handed over yesterday! It was amazing I was getting  a little down and desperate about what I would do with my car and if I would get a good price and God had it in his hands! He knew I would need to make a mad dash to the rubbish tip and to the laundrette to dry my clothes!

I never know why I am surprised at what God does but I do know that he has everything in his hands.
My mum and I used to duet on an Evie song called You have everything in your hands. 
The lyrics says;
You have everything in your hands, you have everything under control. 
Whenever I praise you, I see who you really are.
(I've posted it below for you to listen to)

I Love how God thinks about the little details and he knows everything about us and keeps us safe and leads us on the right path. I think maybe if we knew all he had planed for us we may run but as I start this adventure I just put my life into his hands and say use me, mould me, send me the place you want for me.

Please pray as I go and I will continue to post regular blogs. I am on Facebook and I would love to receive emails, Skype calls or post. (Message me and I will give you my address.)
I am still fundraising so if you feel your able email me and I will give you details of the church account you can donate to. In my next post I will put an up to date fancy pis chart of what I have raised. Hopefully you can now see the last one. (Thanks Jessica for your help).

Thank you for travelling with me.

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